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Ten Reasons You Should Invest In Ocala Real Estate

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From traditional neighborhoods, gated subdivisions to sprawling retirement communities, even those looking for a home ideally can find it all in Ocala, as well as throughout Marion County. Districts such as Silver Springs Shores and Marion Oaks, are far older, more established residential communities, and continue to be experiencing strong growth. Other regions like Fore Ranch and Heath Brook are subdivisions that are newer. The southern portion of Marion County is also home to a selection of enormous retirement villages, as well as other gated communities and villages. The Ocala/Marion County Building Department has noticed that housing growth in the city and county also has remained strong, and like most of south and central Florida, has been driven by the influx of new families and retirees, who are relocating from harsher and colder northern climates, as well as for the region 's growing employment opportunities. According to housing specialists indicators which would allow a healthier new home sale marketplace is reflected in Ocala homes for sale in Ocala fl 34471.


These aspects, such as low rates of interest, lower prices of building services and products, strong commercial building activity, and baby boomers reaching retirement age. All in all, the housing sector is optimistic the new home market in Marion County will be healthy over the next 12 to 24 weeks. - Availability Of Affordable Housing Ocala, in Addition to Marion County, offers many affordable housing plans for income-eligible households, and these include the State Housing Initiative Partnership or SHIP along with the Community Development Block Grant or CDBG for a home purchase or rehabilitation outside of town limits of Ocala. In Ocala, the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program, which uses federal funding, is one of the programs offered to income-eligible residents within town limits. The downturn in the housing, credit and construction sector has led to higher unemployment in recent months, with the jobless rate increasing to 4.8 percent. However, employment from the production and service sector has improved, and the outcome is the availability of job options.


Ocala's retail sector is expected to grow. The new Market Street at Heath Brook mall is scheduled to start early next year, bringing new alternatives to shoppers, such as Dillards and Talbots. Paddock Mall, the county's first mall, which is slated for a renovation and expansion in 2008, and newer facilities are being developed nearby. A brand new shopping center, Berkshire Oaks, will add significant retailers Kohls and H.H. Gregg into the fold. Of the county's biggest private-sector companies, two are in health care, three in retail sales, three in production, one in finance and one in support providers. The Munroe Regional Medical Center is the county's biggest single employer, with 2,427 workers, followed closely with Wal-Mart with 2,385. The proximity of the county health centers to the city offers residents better, and easy access to medical care. - Presence Of High-Tech Industries Ocala's high-tech businesses is expanding also. Aircraft and tech company Lockheed Martin continues to construct missile control systems in its Ocala facility, also Intellon is expanding its line of integrated circuits into new products. - Booming Tourism Market As tourism keeps growing, the Ocala/Marion County Visitor and Convention Bureau recently authorized a feasibility analysis to determine whether the area can support a convention/meeting facility. New hotels have recently opened both the east and west sides of Ocala.


A brand new Holiday Inn Express opened near the Silver Springs attraction, combined by a Value Place extended-stay hotel nearby. Each year, several home events have been hosted to showcase prospective home buyers to area builders. Two of the region 's largest events will be the Yearly spring Parade of Homes and the Fall Showcase of Homes. The Marion County Building Industry Association sponsors both events. - It Is The Horse Capital Of The World Carl Rose, who made millions in the limestone industry, opened his Rosemere Farm just east of Ocala from the 1930s, However it was guys like Bonnie Heath and Jack Dudley that began breeding Triple Crown winners in Marion as early as the 1940s and 1950s. Now, Marion, as well as Ocala, proudly calls itself. "The Horse Capital of the World" due to the hundreds of farms that raise dozens of equine breeds. - The City Offers Many Educational Opportunities There are many educational opportunities in Marion County, and these range from private and public elementary schools to colleges and university opportunities. One of them is Central Florida Community College, and its main campus on State Road 200 not just offer associate degrees but also features a University Center where students can earn bachelor's and master's degrees through online courses at seven universities. - It Has A Vibrant Nightlife The city has a healthy assortment of dining, recreational, and entertainment facilities. Whether you're trying to dance the night away, go have a few drinks with friends or just unwind, and there are numerous nightspots here for individuals who are looking to have fun.

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